We continue our journey of creation & expansion as we launch
new rug & furniture collections.



For 15 years, our exclusive rug designs have been finely handcrafted to add comfort and style into living spaces across the globe.

Our journey of creation and expansion continues as we launch new Tallira Furniture Collections, to complement our ever-expanding range of designer rugs.

We embrace Fair Trade practices and premium materials from New Zealand wool, pure wool blends, artsilk to quality timbers, marble finishes and upholstered fabrics.

Our collections now span unique rug designs handmade by artisans, through to a furniture collection curated for style and everyday living.

We house an extensive amount of stock in our Melbourne Warehouse, ready-to-ship. For unique visions and project requirements, we also offer Custom Made Rugs for both Residential and Commercial Interior Projects.

We welcome you to experience our full range in our Trade Showrooms or explore now.
Stevie Bench Pearl Ivory Boucle Tallira Furniture The Rug Collection insitu
Boucle Ivory wool rug insitu with Lily Boucle Sofa



Each rug is uniquely designed in Australia and handmade by artisans in India, using age-old techniques.

Our team work closely with experienced crafters who have been dying yarns, and expertly weaving handmade rugs for generations.

Regular visits to production houses ensure products are made ethically and with integrity. Quality materials from renowned NZ Wool and luxury artsilk, through to quality wool blends and natural jute, are used to weave and bring the designs and textures to life. Not one rug is exactly the same and carries its own distinct handmade characteristic.

In addition, we offer a Custom Rug Service for you to UNROLL YOUR CREATIVITY and create the rug of your choice. Select a stocked rug design and pick-your-own colours from our palette of tufts or design your very own. Both residential and commercial grade rug quality options are available.



Indigenous culture collaborations are important partnerships that enrich The Rug Collection.

We are privileged to have worked on our latest collection together with Charmaine Pwerle and Pwerle Gallery, in bringing to life AWELYE ATNWENGERRP - the creation of Atnwengerrp.

A unique and emotive collection of four distinct artworks, handmade into a luxury and luminous rug collection

Awelye Atnwengerrp was created to lay meaningful art and comfort into homes across the land.
the rug collection and Tallira furniture range



Curated to work back with diverse design styles, each piece offers comfort and style to compliment everyday living.

We invite you to view the full Furniture Collection in our Trade Showrooms.



The Rug Collection strives to create a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of customers, their makers, artists and designers, the community and on the environment in which we operate.

The Rug Collection is committed to the responsible sourcing of materials and ethical manufacturing. The team visit production houses regularly and only work with those who adhere to strict requirements on labour rights, working conditions, safety and environmental protection.

Design collaborations that support and promote Australian Indigenous Culture are important partnerships that enrich The Rug Collection and support the Visual Arts and local community.

Support Fair Trade practices and wages
Oppose child labour and poor working conditions
Source materials through respected suppliers
Produce through ethical manufacturing processes
Visit production houses when possible. Currently restricted due to COVID 19.
Support Australian artists and designers
Support the Indigenous Community and Culture
Contribute to local charities
Recycle and donate materials and products where possible
Each year, The Rug Collection aims to take steps to minimise our global footprint.



We invite you to experience and view our full collection of handmade rugs and furniture in our Trade Showrooms or leisurely browse our new collections online at anytime.
A relaxed and large open plan setting to peruse the complete collection and scope items for you current or upcoming project.
An extensive collection of handmade rug designs in unique styles and quality yarns to suit all tastes & budgets.
Experience the comfort, quality and scale of our furniture range.
Your Account Manager on hand to answer all your questions.
Discuss custom rug requirements and explore tuft boxes
Support Australian artists and designers

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